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The one stop for your online problems.

Who are we?

Hostit-Online is a digital agency where we go the extra mile to help our customers. Together with you we will work to build the ideal solution for your problem. We create online software solutions to help you reach your goals.

  • We guarantee a 100% satisfaction.
  • We will keep you involved with the project.
  • We will host your project so you don't need to.

How we work


The first stage where we will put the scope on paper.


We will create a plan how we will build the project.


At the third stage we will start building your software.

Testing and QA

The project is done and we will now thoroughly test the system. At this stage we will also ask you to look through the project to do a QA (Quality assurance).


We are now ready to deliver your project! But wait, we can also help you with this. You can chose to host the project yourself or let us help you with the very last step!


Our partners

Year 3000

We are happy to announce that we have partnered up with Year 3000! With their skills in design we can assure your application will look awesome!

High school students union of Montenegro

Together with High School Students Union of Montenegro we strive to help students in Montenegro with the aim of promoting the importance of hight school students participation in decision-making processes related to all aspects of their education; strengthening the democratic potentials of young people, inclusion in modern trends of your activism, all through various forms of education, and international cooperation.


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